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Calm on the surface, paddling like crazy beneath.
When asked how you're doing, "just ducky" is a sarcastic way of saying everything is fine.
Por quail58 21 de febrero de 2014
7290 6260
When someone is running late because of an unscheduled sexual encounter
"They were supposed to be here like an hour ago, what gives?"
"I bet they got postboned"
Por qwertys 21 de febrero de 2014
8736 6343
When a person or group of people line the bed of a pickup truck with a tarp, fill it with water, and relax in it.
It's so hot today, I might have to grab a tarp and turn my Chevy into an Alabama Hot Tub.
Por cr00d_d00d 18 de abril de 2010
7120 6381
Having sex with a person from Texas. This word is particularly used for an attractive female considering there are a lot of them in Texas.
Guy 1: Dude I'm going to Texas

Guy 2: Make sure to have lots of Tex-Sex!!
Por trotrot0394854 07 de julio de 2009
6159 9020
Is a term used to describe a teen that didn't just hit puberty, he beat the shit out of it. When a person is called man beast, it is usually because he hit puberty before a lot of other teens.
Person : "Dang dude. You used to be all fat, but now your freakin ripped. Your going man beast! "
Por Lalalalala69 20 de febrero de 2014
6399 7472
to video chat someone and not say a word. you mostly just stare at the screen and type things to the other person who is engaged in a video chat with you.
I had a silent video chat with kellie… not fun at all man
Por richardbanger 07 de abril de 2009
6123 6580
An ass so juicy you just can help but sink your teeth into it.
Man, that girl so fine, she got a vampire ass!
Por shennica 22 de febrero de 2014
9209 7252