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The most powerful weapon used to defeat every enemy, including self, and everything in Battlezone II.
<Reckless_Erik> oh shit, da bomb!
<Reckless_Erik> WHO DID THAT?
Por <AMS>SILVER 07 de agosto de 2008
a green stop/plus sign glowing object that fulfills your health, usually build by the RESICLER or sent by the Armory.
<xana> get heth
Por <AMS>SILVER 07 de agosto de 2008
Ususally refered to as recycler. Deployed to build other units, scavs, turrets, or RAT scouts, service, or other important vechicles such as the TUG.
Por <AMS>SILVER 07 de agosto de 2008
possibly meant as "i can't"
<xana> build tawer
<mix_sota> i cunt
Por <AMS>SILVER 07 de agosto de 2008
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