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71 definitions by Bloopy

A penis as large as a big French breadstick.
I used my grande baguette to give Anna Nicole Smith her first stretch marks since the great disappearing chocolate cake mystery of 2001.
Por Bloopy 11 de abril de 2005
3 1
A car with only one working taillight. The word is formed by reversing pediddel, the word for a car with only one working headlight.
Hey, that's not a motorbike ahead, that's a leddidep!
Por Bloopy 22 de mayo de 2008
6 5
An exclamation of thrill, excitement, or satisfaction.


Por Bloopy 09 de abril de 2005
2 1
Sweet and fantastical at the same time.
Mom, you cook a sweetastical roast duck!
Por Bloopy 09 de abril de 2005
2 1
A synonym for poo.
My dwufty made a big splash.

I can feel a big dwufty coming on.
Por Bloopy 09 de abril de 2005
3 2
When a male moons someone and their balls are showing.
The boys on the bus mooned a group of girls on the sidewalk, with their fly's eyes prssed up against the window.

A couple walking along the beach were treated to fly's eyes, courtesy of a dirty old man up on the hill.
Por Bloopy 10 de abril de 2005
11 11
Handy means cellphone in German. It is actually short for handlich, which means handily in English.
I'll order a pizza on my handy!
Look, I'm ordering a pizza handy!
Mmmm, pizza ordered handy, yum!
Por Bloopy 08 de septiembre de 2006
152 153