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A day when classes are canceled and all you do is stay home and do cocaine. Rick James loved snow days, but he was not enrolled in classes, so they occurred with greater frequency.

A secondary definition of snow day is when you stay home from school and see how many times you can masturbate in one day. You play god to the mites that live in the carpet, as you pepper them with inches of hot white semen.
I took a snow day today
Nice, so how much blow did you do?
Just say, it smells like Colombia.
#snow day #snow #snowday #rick james #masturbation #cocaine #semen #classes
Por Devon McIntyer 01 de febrero de 2011
A rim job after anal sex. A way of apologizing to the 'taker' as you just destroyed their red, tender ass hole.
I felt bad for fucking my girlfriend in the ass without lube, so i gave her a Red Redemption.
#rim job #anal sex #apologizing #redredemption #red #obama #sex
Por Devon McIntyer 01 de febrero de 2011
When individuals turn to the Internet to Educated them selves in lieu of getting an actual education. Most of what is learned on the internet is, in fact, not true. You can tell someone who has an internet education from a person who has an actual education by the degree and depth of their knowledge. If you think Aspartame is a poison, you have an internet education. If you realize aspartame is actually made up of 2 amino acids, you have an actual education. Other 'symptoms' of an internet education include, 9/11 conspiracy, vaccine conspiracy, fluoridated water dangers, Moon landing conspiracy, citing Alex Jones, youtube or Wikipedia as a source.
Omg, you know that Vaccines cause autism?

Really? Where did you get your internet education? Youtube? Do you have a Ph.D in Wikipedia?
#internet #education #aspartame #alex jones #autism #stupid #internet education #university #college #youtube #wikipedia
Por Devon McIntyer 02 de marzo de 2011
When your priest gives you a big kiss on the lips after you gave him oral pleasure. Most often given to alter boys or boys in general. You don't catholic kiss and tell.
Did you hear the Mike was given a catholic kiss?
He does like to swallow doesn't he
#catholic #priest #mike #lips #oral pleasure #kiss #boys
Por Devon McIntyer 01 de febrero de 2011
A state where dreams go to die. When one thinks of incest they generally think of Oklahoma, as 93% of the state's marriages are between brother and sister. This was the place where Charles Darwin actually postulated his theory of evolution, as the residents are more evolved than monkeys but less than that of Blacks, kind of like a retarted neanderthal. Many of the states residents enjoy chasing tornadoes, as they descended from the volcano jumpers of Easter Island. The average IQ in Oklahoma is 67, which is legally retarted in 49 states and 183 countries. The internet was discovered in 2009 and the first text message was sent on Jan. 21, 2010, which read " tp diejn." Oklahoma was also where the movie Idiocracy was filmed, as the future world.
You are retarted!
You're from Oklahoma!
#retarted #oklahoma #retard #darwin #evolution #dreams #die #incest #brother #sister
Por Devon McIntyer 01 de febrero de 2011
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