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14 definitions by Duffman

Verb - To stab.
"I'm pure gonnae chib ye in the puss, ya bam. 'Mon well." - "I say fellow, the time has come for me to stab you in the facial region, you person for whom I don't care. En garde."
Por Duffman 25 de septiembre de 2003
the true nectar of life
-Hey you wanna feed that donkey some beer and get it all fucked up?
-Maybe later.
-I'll go put some beer in a bucket.
Por Duffman 11 de agosto de 2003
Someone who looks a little down in the dumps.
"Hey, cunty chops, cheer up"
Por Duffman 25 de septiembre de 2003
Someone that nobody likes that follows you around
Jackson is a tag-along
Por Duffman 09 de septiembre de 2003
A gay man. A man who jab's jobbee's, with his willy.
"He couldn't be a jobbee jabber, i didnt get any gay vibes of him. he was a classy fella."
"You're an idiot."
Por Duffman 28 de septiembre de 2003
An incredibly large penis. Exceding all other penises by a large margin.
"Mam, Duffman's Osokin is way larger than DirtyJoses."
Por Duffman 18 de noviembre de 2004
one who irrates others
miscee is a melter because "actualy being raging that
no-one on an internet msg board missed her"
Por DUFFMAN 15 de marzo de 2005