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One of the greatest songs ever written, a true classic by Lennon/McCartney and the Beatles. The beautiful begininning coupled with the fantastic end chorus is a stunning reminder of why the Beatles are so fondly remembered
"Remember, to let her into your heart, then you can start, to make it better" - The Beatles
"Na, na na, na na na na, na na na na, Hey Jude" - everyone
Por I Love Horses 04 de julio de 2005
Love is all you need.

Lennon/McCartney 1967

great song, shame american idiots like Bush dont listen to it
Beatles : "All You Need Is Love"

Bush : "Lets go bomb something"
Por I love horses 12 de marzo de 2005
A typical English response to the (usual) ignorant, stupid, or downright mad actions of an American.
US1 = "Hey y'all, lets go get some soda. And diapers. Hey do my pants look ok to you? I bought them with my credit card!"
US2 = "Fo sheezy, that shit is dope ma nigger"
ENG = "Bloody Yanks."
Por I love horses 09 de marzo de 2005
The biggest conspiracy theory since JFK.

To summarise "Wide Vagina", it is a theory which explains women's dominance over males in the arena of sexual encounter stories. For many men, great embarassment and shame comes from being labelled as a man with a small penis. Now while this may be true for some men, it is often used by a female as a cover story for the poor quality of the sex, the real reason of course being her exceptionally wide vagina.

To conclude, if so many men are heard to have a "small penis", then why aren't as many women held to have a "wide vagina." Think it through logically, the numbers should be even!
Woman - "What are you trying to say?"
Larry David - "I submit to you, that it was not Jeff who has the small penis. But rather, it is you who has the wide vagina."
#wide vagina #conspiracy #unfair #good excuse #lies
Por I Love Horses 24 de febrero de 2009
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