103 definitions by JT

A synonym for "idiot"
Don't be such a zurt
Por JT 08 de septiembre de 2004
A suggested invite to be followed on a whim.
The meeting will be by mandatation only.
Por JT 30 de junio de 2004
Slang form of terrible.
Today at work was terebos.
Por JT 15 de abril de 2004
A word that is used in place of an unfamiliar term; word that can take the place of any nontraditional term or phrase.
Caley was upset at the stealing of her beepvoo.
Por JT 17 de febrero de 2003
Looking for some help on this one.
He's a bit of a flickster.
Por JT 15 de octubre de 2004
One who is homosexual without knowing
"Dont be such a Dirla"
Por JT 31 de marzo de 2005
abriviation for Imaginary PMS
"dude she is being a bitch today, is she raggin"
"No she's got IPMS"
Por JT 22 de febrero de 2005

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