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2 rappers from Queensbridge going by the names of havoc and prodigy. I believe this group is incredibly talented, demonstrated by Shook ones pt 2 and quiet storm. However 2pac's beef hurt them during his reign. i believe now is their time. I think they have incredibly mellow beats for songs entitled "hell on earth" and "survival of the fittest" but in a sense that's good- perfect chilling music. They even made 50 cent sound half good in their remix of outta control. Maybe they can bring some talent to G-unit records. they've been here from the start and i believe are hip hop legends alongside Jay-z and Nas. had they not beefed with 2pac, i believe they could have been very big. but maybe they could've lost their street reality so i guess the beef was necessary.
Mobb deep are two of the most experienced, realest and talented rappers I have ever heard.
Por jimre 04 de septiembre de 2005
1) to leave or move away from an area
2) to "escort" an unwanted guest from a party by any means necessary
3) when you have sex
1) come on homie, let's bounce
2) man, lets bounce those fools theyre dicks n theyre drinkin our alcohol
3) that bitch bounced on me all ngiht long
Por jimre 04 de septiembre de 2005
Russia's finest export (except vodka), commonly seen in the background of osama bin laden's broadcasts and in the hands of islamic militants. This is because its cheap, reliabe and accurate. well done islamic militants you are right about something for once. has many derivants including the Israel's GALIL ARM and the AKS-74U.
Man i gota get an Ak-47
Por jimre 04 de septiembre de 2005
1) a follower of a section of Islam.
2) something which is said when you are halfway through saying "shit", similar to "shitake mushrooms". Used around teachers, parents, O.A.Ps and anyone else who disapproves of swearing.
1) there are some Shi'ite muslims in Iraq
2) Jimre: "i forgot about my date with tasha. Oh Shi.."
*parents loom*
Jimre:"..Shi'ite muslim."
Por Jimre 31 de enero de 2006
A puerto rican rapper who is very obese and looks lyk a very overweight baby. As a rapper he aint talented i lyk one of his songs from lyk 4 years ago but thats it. Heads the terror squad and probably thr only guy you wil recognise from them. Despite not being black he can get away with saying "nigga" without gettin shot. despite his obvious shiteness the man's done well for himself i saw his house on Cribs. I propose he sells his stuff and gives the money to the bronx so it may help better itself.
has beef wif 50 cent. Don't get me wrong i think they're both faggots- but Joe is consistent with his rhymes- all about the Bronxand his ghetto life etc. 50, however, jus changes his rhymes themes- one album its the thug in da club, next its the dude hu wants 2 take you to the candy shop. So i would like 2 see fat joe stomp out 50 but 50s mainstream rhymes and popularity with dumb asses means this will probably never happen.
Fat Joe is an overweight baby and unnecessarily rich. he could squash 50 in more ways than one.
Por jimre 04 de septiembre de 2005
1) A feeling where you lose vast amounts of confidence.
2) the act of losing vast amounts of confidence.
3) to be defeated in an Aerial conflict.
4) A general emotion of disappointment.
1) I get turned down by every girl I go after, Shot down.
2) Dave Shot me down when he verbally raped me.
3) A german bomber was shot down by the RAF in WW2.
4) I haven't got enough money for Bud, Shot down.
Por Jimre 01 de julio de 2006
An accessory that should be used in climates such as Siberia and the Alps, intended to keep ones neck warm. However, is now popular amongst negroes and scallies in the UK, and is often pushed up to the nose to hide ones identity, or to keep ones face warm, thoguh u look like you're ona crime wave if you do and get a lot of stares.
I put my neck warmer up cos its friggin cold, but everybody stared at me like i was a KKK walking through Compton.
Por Jimre 11 de febrero de 2006
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