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Hardcore is three things actually! 1: someone extreme or fanatical in behaviour or belief. 2: An extreme form of punk rock characterised by shouty vocals usually containing swear words which enables angry people to let off steam. 3: A fast form of electronic dance music which makes angry people happy. A.K.A. 'Happy Hardcore'.
'He got really angry with me cos he's hardcore in his belief that hardcore is only one type of music!'
Por Lodestone 13 de septiembre de 2009
Potentially dangerous activity performed at concerts by fans of extreme punk bands or bands which play forms of pseudo-metal. A form of dancing characterised by varying degrees of violence towards fellow dancers. In other words, the dance of angry morons. Contrary to popular belief, TRUE metalheads don't mosh, they headbang and behave like relatively much more civilised humans. This is because TRUE metal bands {e.g. Olympos Mons, Doro, Black Majesty, Terasbetoni, Kaledon, Rhapsody Of Fire, Edenbridge} play ELEGANT music that can express every known human emotion, not just bleeding boring old anger, anger, more anger and yet MORE anger. Rant over.
'Great! There's some decent metal on at the Underworld tonight, none of those moshing arseholes around'.
Por Lodestone 13 de septiembre de 2009
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