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34 definitions by Pip

The direct opposite of rave,
Have you seen that new cable programme, 'rave eye for the beige guy'
Por Pip 24 de abril de 2005
5 38
n. A complete and utter pain in the ass...much worse than a wanker
that fucking dick is a wenda
Por PiP 29 de octubre de 2004
17 54
1.short for Arthur
2. a way of expressing yourself with pictures, plays/skits, songs, etc.
Hey, i was just over at Art's house, he is so cool.
Por Pip 06 de enero de 2005
20 59
a funny but very open lady who lives in north london
Dina u are pulling ur 32 boy of the day
Por Pip 22 de septiembre de 2003
22 68
crap for crap
Por pip 17 de junio de 2003
11 88
The act of vomiting, in a particularly violent and uncontrollable manner.
"I'm never going to KEBAB-ME again after they gave me this kebab of mass destruction. I just did a Brazilian Kiss down your toilet."
Por Pip 27 de diciembre de 2003
22 229