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57 definitions by Roy

Stolen. Past participle of hork.

Stolen is the Canadian definition of horked. I have never heard the term horked to mean broken.
Bob McKenzie, "No way, eh, they horked our beer!"

Doug McKenzie, "Take off, they... oh jeez, you're right. They did hork our beer!"
Por Roy 07 de octubre de 2004
101 45
It's bad enough that their stuff costs too much. It's even worse when they have door-to-door salespeople harassing you every Saturday morning.
Damn you, Amway! Can't you motherfuckers just leave me alone so I can get some sleep?
Por Roy 02 de octubre de 2003
156 118
offspring of quadroon and caucasian
Light skinned negro.
Por Roy 23 de abril de 2003
59 29
Cheese from under your balls.
WOW! I just scraped up a whole finger nail load of frumunda!
Por roy 01 de diciembre de 2004
66 41
1. muff box - a vagina.
"Dude, I totally touched her muff box."
Por Roy 02 de abril de 2005
52 28
To dip ones penis in gasoline, light it on fire and ass rape someone.
Brain prefers the oral flaming kirby
Por Roy 11 de noviembre de 2003
37 15
totally amazing
Por roy 11 de septiembre de 2003
26 5