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Like spooning, butter knifing is laying together with one or more people. Unlike spooning, you lie completely straight like a butter knife and you don't even have to touch the other person. Looks a lot like planking face up or a corpse in a coffin.
Player 1: She won't get out of my bed.
Player 2: Spoon her.
Player 1: No. Spooning is gross. I'm gonna lay next to her like I'm dead. Look we're "butter knifing".
Player 2: You should put that on Urban Dictionary before someone else does. What would forking be?
Player 1: We all know what "forking" is.
Player 2: Painting your toenails is hard.
Player 3: Wait. Look. Do I look dead yet?
#butterknifing #spoon #spooning #forking #planking #playing dead
Por Tedfordish 19 de enero de 2012
Term used to erase an event that just happened. Said after sex without using a condom, insures pregnancy will not occur. Other events that can be erased include: slightly hitting a friend with your car, confessing your sins to a priest at church or saying something really fucked up, uncalled for and/or generally rude to someone else.
Person 1: Can we go? We don't have all day, you're the one that rushed us and now we've been waiting around for you!

Person 2: Oh my GOD! Hold on. I just need to find my phone, then we can leave! Is that alright with you?! I need my phone!


Person 2: What? Okay, we can go.

Person 1: Great.
#bam #say what #fuck off #burn #huh #served
Por Tedfordish 04 de mayo de 2011
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