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Something that music snobs put a lot of attention into. In reality, unless you want to learn how to play like someone else instead of having your own style, music theory is useless. I mean, did the Blues guitarists who lived in the Mississippi Delta have access to music theory? No! And they laid down the innovations that modern musicians still use today! Kurt Cobain even said that music theory is useless unless you want to be coffee shop singer and is a distraction to making music your own thing. And he changed rock music for an entire generation!
Music student from Berklee (MSB): "What'cha doing?"
Me: "Playing the guitar. I just love this instrument so much. It's simplicity brings music to the masses. Every note rings 'Hey! You do not need expensive classes or fancy instruments to enjoy music!'"
MSB: "Well anyone will suck as a musician without proper music theory training."
Me: "So Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, the Clash, Nirvana, and nearly every multi-platinum selling artists failed as musicians because they did not have any music training?"
MSB: "Well..."
Me: "And these chords that I am playing with the basic knowledge, regardless of the complexity of the composition, I have is shit because I do not have a musically trained background?"
MSB: "I guess so..."
Me: "Well I am not in debt to a fancy music school and I still know how to play music so you're the idiot. I win!"
Por ThatOneGuyYouGrewToHate 23 de julio de 2012
A band great for someone who has never listened to Radiohead, U2 or Oasis. You basically have to have very bland and generic music tastes to enjoy them. Being a Coldplay fan is like the music equivalent of enjoying Twilight.
This douche "Coldplay is so awesome!"
Me "Well they're okay, but they are nothing special."
This douche "Shut up! I bet you listen to Fall out Boy or Panic! at the Disco! Loud music without depth or soul!"
Me "Um, know, not liking one band does not entail that I like these bands at all. Just let me listen to whatever I like to listen to."
This douche "Idiot!"
Me "Just leave me alone."
Por ThatOneGuyYouGrewToHate 23 de julio de 2012
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