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1. Another word for male genitals

2. When a woman pours syrup all over a mans body and proceeds to lick it off of him (usually done in the morning)

3. A premium man; broad, strong, and a cool dude
Suck my mancake bitch

Yo that bitch ate me for breakfast when she made a mancake outa me this morning, Now I'm all Sticky!

Yo that dude is one giga fuckload of a mancake!
#stud #man-cake #man cake #tongue bath #beef
Por TyCoLicious 07 de agosto de 2009
One who acts gay in order to get close to a girl who they normally wouldn't be able to talk to then tries to turn the tables by saying that he's no longer gay to get with her. Slysexuals typically show a pattern of this tactic and unintentionally build a reputation for themselves making people believe they are in the closet. The opposite of a closeteer.
WTF?! I thought Peter was gay and now he apparently got with Ann, wow what a slysexual, somebody should call him out on that.
#liesexual #fag #frauds #liesexuality #liars #fake
Por TyCoLicious 22 de enero de 2011
A sacred place where people may gather around a hookah in peace. A Hookah Hut is typically a small shed, hut, or lean-to made to fit 4 to 8 people. The owner of the Hookah Hut or Hookah Shaman oversees who leaves and enters and moderates in order to maintain the tranquility.
Wait broski we have to ask the Hookah Shaman before we invite more peepz to the Hookah Hut.
#hookah #hookah bar #hookah lounge #tobacco #smoking #smoke #coals #hotbox #hot box
Por TyCoLicious 05 de enero de 2011
One who acts gay, dresses gay, and/or engages in any type of obvious faggotry or blatant homosexuality but frustratingly will not come out of the closet. The opposite of a slysexual.
I swear I literally overheard Sean and his girlfriends talking about their girls night out last weekend" and he STILL says hes not gay. what a closeteer!
#gay #homosexual #closet #in the closet #flamer
Por TyCoLicious 22 de enero de 2011
The part of the inner thigh where fat builds up. The filet is extremely tender (given it does not get much sun) and is an ideal target for 5 starring.
Yeah he's a porker, must have some impressive filets.
#thigh #thabia #inner leg clevage #chub #leg
Por TyCoLicious 20 de enero de 2011
Invented by the Xingu indians of the Amazon Rainforest, The Flying Jaguar is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It's the act of mounting one's self upon an object higher than your target and jumping off onto them. This usually results in soreness of the back and the occasional concussion. The Flying Jaguar can be applied in numerous environments ranging from a bunk bed or bus seat to an Iquito Tree in the amazon.
He's asleep, lets flying jaguar his bitch ass!
#pounce #demolish #abliterate #blindside #assassin
Por TyCoLicious 03 de enero de 2011
The art of flipping someone's backpack inside out without them noticing. Nuggeting somebody requires ample stealth because if your victim catches you before their bag is completely nuggeted you must restore their bag to its original un-flipped form. In order to successfully nugget a bag you must empty all contents, turn the bag inside out, put everything back in, and re-zip the bag leaving it, put simply, looking like a nugget. When your victim finally realizes the hilarious fate of his humble nap-sack THAT is the reward in itself.
I'm going to the bathroom DO NOT nugget my bag!
#prank #yank one's chain #pull a fast one #comedy #prankster
Por TyCoLicious 04 de enero de 2011
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