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When one day you aren't in the least bit attracted to them, and the next, it seems like you can't live without them. So you screw over all your other friends to be with, look at, and hit on her. Your friends will probably not like the part where they all get screwed over.
I went on a band trip with some friends, and Danielle was there. At first, i didn't think anything about her, i didn't even like her. Usually, i was sort of unkind to her and didn't pay her much attention, but when i looked at her later that day, i noticed for the first time how truly beautiful she is, both physically and mentally (hence the term, spontaneous love. so i blew off my friends for the rest of the weekend just so i could get to know her better. She is the Most amazing person i have ever met in my entire life. the feelings i have when i am with her are the best i have ever felt. not like i wanted to f*** her or anything, but just that i wanted to hold her and spend time with her.
Por Walrusboy 10 de diciembre de 2005
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