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Despite their consistant lack of success, a team that's hard to hate. Sold out every home game for over the past 10 years, and has a reputation for having good pitchers that are constantly hurt. A wonderful team to love with a great stadium, however unsucessful since 1908
Did you hear Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs is hurt?

No, but what else is new
Por bankok 19 de junio de 2006
A man that is arguably the best basketball player to ever live. Won a national championship freshman year in college with a shot at the buzzer to win it all. Drafted 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls, and soonafter won back-to-back slam dunk contests during all star weekend. Was MVP in the '91, '92, '93, '96, '97, and '98 NBA Final (all with the bulls). Wore #23 which is now retired in the Chicago Bulls uniform. Retired in '93 to play baseball, and again in '98 (not for baseball). He later played for the Washington Wizards for a couple of years.

Notable accomplishments:
-buzzer beater to win NCAA Chapmionship
-buzzer beater to win '98 NBA finals
-jumped from foul line in slam dunk contest
-made a free throw with his eyes closed
-now owns the Air Jordan clothing line, which is very successful

The man that is knowed for his amazing hangtime and jumping abilities, along with his performance in clutch situations is now is a co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.
Did you see Michael Jordan dunk from the foul line?

Yeah, he is an amazing basketball player
Por bankok 05 de julio de 2006
Currently one of the most dangerous threats in the NFL as a returner for the Chicago Bears, in addition to achieving the impossible: a 100 speed rating in Madden NFL Football Video games beginning in 2008. He attended the University of Miami Florida (The U), where he was even then considered very elusive and dangerous.
As a rookie in the NFL during the 2006-2007 season, he set the record for returning the most kicks for touchdowns. Given the nicknames "Windy City Flyer" and "Anytime" many kickers and punters try to not even let him touch the ball.
Noteable Accomplishments:
-57th pick in the NFL Draft
-4.35 forty yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine
-broke 8 tackles during an 81 yd TD return against Duke in 2005
-1 Field Goal return for touchdown (108 yds) against the Giants in 2006
-5 other TD returns in the 2006-2007 season
-First Player ever to return the opening Super Bowl Kick for a TD in 2007
Did you see Devin Hester on that play?

No, he was going too fast
Por bankok 03 de abril de 2008
noun: a catcher for the Chicago Cubs that is a good hitter and an exceptional hitter.

verb: when a catcher punches a baserunner in the face as a result of anger and frustration.
Did you see Michael Barrett punch AJ Pierzynski in the face the other day?

Yeah he got messed up.
Por bankok 11 de junio de 2006
A term used to express how serious you are. Another word in place of "swear".
"Hey Amanda, did you see that girl that just walked by with seven toes?!"

"No way??!"

"SKIN!! She just passed us!!"
Por Bankok 30 de octubre de 2013
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