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41 definitions by griz

Any type of sexual encounter with a whore.
Hey skank,
How about a little slut action.
Por griz 25 de marzo de 2004
79 27
One who becomes heavily intoxicated and steals whatever he can get his hands on. Once awakened in the morning, he finds himself lying atop a pile of treasure.
Broke Ass Dave is a drunk pirate.
Por Griz 30 de abril de 2004
43 7
That's Griz, bitch!
Also a sexual act in which your hips begin to move at an incredible speed.
That bitch got a taste of the Jack Hammer and she loved the shit out of it.
Por griz 17 de abril de 2004
72 57
An expression given when something is really good.
She's unzipping my pants. (sippy-de-dippy-de) Now suck that shit you dirty little slut.
Por Griz 13 de abril de 2004
9 2
Where a chick sucks the dick of a really hairy male. Snuff is short for Snuffleufugus, the hairy-ass thing from seasame street.
Dirty Detroit sluts hate to huff a snuff, but you better believe they will go down for a five spot.
Por Griz 12 de abril de 2004
11 4
It means rubbing one out. Jerking the yoke. The two fist shuffle. Dating Ms. Michigan. Ya know, Masterbaiting.
Everyone Loves to shake hands with the pope.
Por Griz 18 de abril de 2004
10 4
Something that is never used.
You know that fat bitches pussy is a dusty dusty.
Por griz 17 de abril de 2004
12 6