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3 definitions by raygun

A betch is another way of saying "Bitch" except it sounds a million times better and makes you feel cool!
Let me borrow that top, Betch!
Those shoes are mine, betch!
Por raygun 13 de agosto de 2006
2125 629
a cheese wagon, acording to most.
or bitch, in german.
I wanna eat some of that schlompa!
Kyle, your a schlompa, suck me.
Por raygun 13 de agosto de 2006
29 10
Speed, escstacy, and meth all at once.
You can only do it all at once, not one by one, all at once.
woah, he's so tripped out on spectaseth, he doesn't even know that he already found his shoes... and they've been on his feet the whole time.
Por raygun 13 de agosto de 2006
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