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3 definitions by whatupitsme

Any food containing several items mixed together, or any food that picky (young) children would (stereotypically) dislike.
"Yo did you see that mushroom and tomato pizza she got?"

"Yeah, I know! Such an adult food type meal if there ever was one."
Por whatupitsme 13 de febrero de 2010
2 0
Acronym for "fuck the hell off". used on the internet or while writing text messages.
A: "That was a terrible thing to say you should be banned from this site!"

B: "gosh, please just ftho!"
Por whatupitsme 05 de septiembre de 2009
1 0
Acronym for "fuck the hell off"; used during text messages or online.
Lee: What is your problem?! Do you REALIZE how mean that was??

Sammy: i have freedom of speech so ftho.
Por whatupitsme 05 de septiembre de 2009
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