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55 definitions by wise man

A young hoodlum who revels in making peoples lives a misery during school years. Happily though, when they grow up they will have nothing more to look forward to than getting anally penetrated every day by fellow prisoners in the shower, or, by the prison wardens truncheon ;D
Bully me all you like loser, you're the one who will walk like John Wayne the rest of your life :D
Por Wise Man 17 de julio de 2003
1834 300
A rich chap that sticks needles in your gums, wrenches around all your teeth, drills holes in your teeth, and bruises your face to fuck. Then he charges you loads of money.
Wish i was a dentist......
Por Wise Man 05 de noviembre de 2003
622 162
A loud greeting to be given to freinds in public areas, the louder the better in order to make passers by shit their pants.
Me: OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neil: OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Passer By: <Sqeulch>
Por Wise Man 10 de octubre de 2003
166 41
I'm having a bad day
Por Wise Man 28 de octubre de 2003
85 22
Excellent films full of wicked quotes.
"Chill out, dick wad"
"I have detailed files"
"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle"
"He'll live"
"I need a vacation"
Por Wise Man 20 de noviembre de 2003
83 26
To serve time in prison.
He done his porridge, he's a reformed man now.
Por Wise Man 02 de octubre de 2003
72 19
An exclamation of surprise, like when I test drove my car for the first time and the turbo came in.
Me: Mmm, sounds ok, bit slow though.

2 seconds later...

Car: Fsssssssssssssssssstttttt Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Ptchooooooooooo
Me: CRIKEY MOSES!!!!!!!!
Por Wise Man 20 de noviembre de 2003
49 9