A little ranger baby that everyone loves. Some girls have a weird fetish for him but duh he is gorg. He a hottayyyyyyy
"If you hurt angus we will hurt you"
"Angus is amazballs"
#angus #ranger #baby #redhead #cutie
Por Ramond 23 de octubre de 2014
Angus is an vulnerable and insecure person. Unfortunately, because of this he feels the need to push others down below him because it makes him feel better about himself if he sees someone suffer more than he has. He pretends he's hardcore and dirty but really he's a kind boy who's upset about how he treats others, especially girls. He flirts with all of them. However he seems to have done this so much he cant stop. and twisted the rules of life and love and he looks at the world a different way. He needs love though. He needs someone to care for him. He has a lot of love in his heart, else he wouldn't hurt the way he does. He's beautiful. He just doesn't see it. So show him.
#beautiful #amazing #help #tears #friend #greeneyes
Por Asdfghjkl:) 09 de diciembre de 2012
angus is to be angry or crazed.
Geez that fool's getting angus!!!
#angry #pissed #annoyed #mental #crazy
Por Hato Hammer 18 de abril de 2006
Another word for anus.
u better pepper your angus op
#angus #anus #pepper #misc #op #is #a #faggot #and #sucks #massive #turd #cocks
Por Angusbrah 06 de diciembre de 2013
Crazy cat who belongs to Georgia Nicholson . He will one day take over the whole of England
Angus will kill us all someday nad make us slaves to his kittykat empire!
#georgia #nicholson #dave the laugh #louise rennison #georgia nicholson
Por team robbie 01 de agosto de 2010
1. Highly aggressive person.

2. A person who does not give a crap.
3. Says how they feel at any given time.
why did you break the xbox? your such an angus
#savage #beast #jive turkey #james #blikadoosh
Por mj0824 22 de enero de 2010
V. (an-goo)

Always never give up


Ain't Never giving up.
Dem boys from da BVI Sailin' Team ANGU!
Por islandhacker 28 de marzo de 2016
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