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bastard ass motherfucker
I cant believe he cheated on me, he such a BAM.
Por tS.BBY 20 de noviembre de 2009
0 6
when a joke is not funny or humorous, one ends their unfunny joke by saying BAM!
Joanna says: "Your hair looks cat litter"... then begind laughing

Bobby says: BAM! not funny
Por zllehc 08 de noviembre de 2009
0 6
pertaining or referring to a particularity nice butt.

Usually illustrated by mock grabbing a butt.
Michael: hey did you see Mackenzie's butt?

Zach: Yeah, i just wan to.... BAM.
Por thebignastybam 19 de mayo de 2009
2 8
an adult male with a large posterior, especially when not proportionate to the rest of his body's dimensions; derived from the terms "big assed man"
I just cannot be attracted to him, he is a bam. OR "Geez, Gene is such a bam it's sickening."
Por Jeseeeesu 17 de abril de 2009
11 17
Newspaperese for President Barack Obama.
I'm so glad that Bam won the Presidency! Enough of those Republican warlords!
Por Martin Peck 04 de febrero de 2009
3 9
1. The sound a student makes when they hit the desk
2. a lazy person
3. Building and Apartment Maintenance
1. 'BAM!' "well there goes another one."
2. he's such a BAMMER.
3. He's works as a BAMMER
Por Kordell Bowyer 16 de abril de 2008
2 8
a reference to the male genitals.
Dude, my bam is so much bigger then yours.

I ain't afraid to show her my bam!
Por Testicular Cancer 06 de septiembre de 2007
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