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A person of very few moral scruples.
That lawyer is such a bastard fuck.
Por Mister Man the Guy 21 de septiembre de 2004
41 4
noun: any annoying/inconvenient/unwanted/unkind situation/person that can be considered both a right bastard and a complete fuck.
1) Max goes out at 6:30am to leave for work and discovers the front tyre on his bike is completely flat. Max looks angrily at the tyre and proclaims "oh you bastard-fuck!".

2) Miriam goes to the fridge for her half of that chocolate cake she's been looking forward to all day, only to discover that her brother Danny has eaten it. "That was for me Danny you bastard-fuck" she then wails.
Por SirJibby 06 de enero de 2009
21 11
An ignorant, fatherless, piece of shit - bastardfuck
Tom Cruise is a bastardfuck.
Por MessyEssie 27 de octubre de 2007
10 1
What Tammy calls me.
Hey Tim, you are a bastardfuck
Por Bastardfuck 10 de junio de 2003
5 18