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(noun)The droopy skin below your chin.
1)Emil A. was scratching his bippy as he pondered what to sculpt next.
Por spacc 20 de enero de 2004
An insulting term for a dim-witted individual.
While driving: "Hey, watch it there Bippy!"
Por C. Shotwell 09 de agosto de 2003
A very best friend who is there even when the whole world turns there backs because they are self centered assholes
I love my Bippy Kell she is always there for me no matter what
Por jazzobird 18 de septiembre de 2007
the antithesis of a hippy; one who is absorbed by that which is commercial; a walking bullseye for advertisers.
dude! check him out! he's carrying around that banana republic bag and just walked out of starbucks! what a bippy
Por ianderthal 05 de abril de 2005
slang word for penis
Ouch! I hurt my bippy!
Por Wyatt_Sucks 31 de diciembre de 2003
A nuclear holocaust.
Quick get the general, there's one big bippy coming our way.
Por oxmix 20 de octubre de 2003