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The lowest card in a Full House.
I sure got dealt a Bob Saget.
Por M. Lisac 07 de febrero de 2005
2441 306
The illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater.
O man! That mother fucker is ill in that cardigan sweater! That must be Bob Saget!
Por FUNK MASTER C 19 de julio de 2006
1623 325
A common phrase used by the tourettes guy, from, in the place of "oh shit."
Tourettes guy's fish sticks are hard as tits.. "OH BOB SAGET!"
Por emily snazzyshorts 11 de julio de 2005
1268 296
The guy in the movie "Half Baked" who said:

"Marijuana's not a drug! I used to suck dick for coke! Have you ever sucked dick for Marijuana? Boo this man"
*Everybody boos Dave Chappelle*
Por ha ha 09 de marzo de 2005
822 274
Taking a poop, while masturbating, and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
Last night I got really bored and did a Bob Saget in the bathroom.
Por Danny K 03 de mayo de 2006
1067 573
A phrase commonly uttered by high schoolers who were just introduced to tourettes guy on youtube.

once uttered these two words create great annoyance among the masses

also a really weird guy that has hosted AFV and starred on full house

- Shut up kid

I said STFU!
Por Blonde Haired Midget 13 de enero de 2010
459 75
A comedian you would think is the world's biggest poof due to his soft-headed roles on America's Funniest Home Videos and Full House, but actually has a really risque act. Also the object of a silly cult at
Bob Saget is god?

Por A Little Pinprick 07 de agosto de 2006
538 177