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(n.) a person who has done something stupid, or fucked up something.
(v.) to describe something that is not quite right.
The man that caused the accident is bocephus. My car is bocephus because it broke down.
Por ryan 08 de agosto de 2003
70 181
common nickname for Hank Williams Jr. Hank got the nickname from his famous father, who looked in the cradle and just called him "Bocephus." Bocephus is a common phrase airbrushed on 1984 Ford F-150s.
Bocephus is a great nickname. Sit on my face, cousin.
Por T-Dog Jenkins 10 de marzo de 2005
532 307
Bocephus was the nickname given to Hank Williams Jr. by his dad because he thought he looked like a TV ventriloquist dummy named Bocephus.
Hank Sr:Hi Bocephus!
Por MrsFrankIero 19 de agosto de 2007
324 176
Hank Williams Jr.
Bocephus is at the stadium tonight. Wanna go?
Por Cyndy Bailey 14 de noviembre de 2003
307 183
Possibly the Greatest Counrty American to ever live-- Long Live Hank Jr.
"A Country Boy Can Survive" Bocephus
Por Josh K 01 de abril de 2004
315 267
A descriptive term for a large breed of devil dog.
Look at that Bocephus lookin mo' fucker.
Por Cpl. Bocephus 13 de noviembre de 2008
99 187
Number one buddy, pal, friend. Used frequently by military enlisted men in the Korean war era.
1. "Hey, Bocephus, let's go to town and get wasted."
2. "He's alrgight; he's my bocephus."
3. "He be my bocephus; he cool."
4. "Are you my bocephus? Yo, Watash!"
Por SSgt T. Beattty, USAF (Ret) 05 de noviembre de 2006
88 177