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An unexpected event.
You get caught slippin and then boom
Por Sun Rhythms 13 de octubre de 2004
bombed out of our mind
Me, Dick, Dave, and Derek went out on the boat and killed 3 cases of Modelo Especial, we all were Bombed out of our Minds. We said BOOM!
Por Lorenzo T 23 de junio de 2007
To make money from hustling drugs.
Man I boomed off of that dope homie.
Por A-Bomb TGN 20 de julio de 2005
what Jack Hamm screams upon hitting a golf ball with his Air Hammer Driver with Smart Shaft technology.
Prepare for take off in 5...4...3...2...1...BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
Por Fusy Baby 11 de diciembre de 2004
means cool, awesome, or fetch
ashley, stop trying to make boom work
Por ars 08 de agosto de 2004
when something is good
thats the boom chronic. get me
Por mickie p 09 de febrero de 2007
It is to puff or toke from a pipe. Take a hit of marajuana.
Every one has to boom on the crunkle.
Por Rob Barrett 26 de julio de 2005