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The only sh*tty song ever made by System of a down
What the h*ll were they thinking when they made "boom?"
Por Cpt.Bob 15 de octubre de 2003
A term used to describe when someone is lying. Often accompanied with a finger gun (first 2 fingers) and the thumb moving as though it was a trigger. Even though we all know that guns are set off by pulling the trigger with your trigger finger. Not clicking back the hammer with your thumb.
Ghetto Man 1: Yo, Dawg! I just got da new CD by Snoopy McPoopster. It is clean! I swur! You can't beat dis CD! It iz tiiight.

Ghetto Man 2: Boom.
Por Kiugo 01 de abril de 2003
one of THE shittest skins ive come across, built by the most egotystical asshole one could meet
"Okay, now back to BOOM"
Por <marquee>Neko :D 09 de julio de 2002
something that is realy cool but sick
raaaa boi her arse is boom
Por tilly2k8 28 de mayo de 2008
A word for replacing thank you.
*cashier*Heres your taco. Enjoy! *Customer*BOOM
Por 50-b-unit 02 de agosto de 2007
Slang term for Marijuana
Dude: Yo you got boom?
Por loveit2hateit2loveitalot 20 de noviembre de 2007
When two people have sex, hook-up.
"oh, did you boom with him last night?"
Por nanerpussys 06 de marzo de 2009