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n. Boys night out.

As in a Hodown, but with your bros.
Sorry baby, it's a brodown tonight.
Por James Dannelly 07 de mayo de 2003
Bro's Getting their bro on, doing bro things.

exp. Beer bongs, Fist pounding, popping collars, saying bro, saying dude.
Whats up bro! Lets do some beer bongs and pop our collars, Yea lets have a Bro Down.
#bro #beer bong #dude #fist pound #huge shades
Por Whaaabamb 20 de julio de 2009
Bro-Downs can only be said to occur when females are conspicuously absent from an extended session of boozing.

The term 'bro' is an abbreviated form of 'brother'.

The more bros present, the more severe the bro-down.

Bro downs are characterized by an increasing level of sexual angst that correlates directly to the amount of time bro-ing it down and volume of booze consumed. They will almost certainly include, but are not limited to: a fight, challenges of strength, discussion of the last girl you gave a salty pirate or donkey punch to, accusations of homosexuality, and eventually a trip to a peeler, snap off parlour, or rub'n tug.

"Dude, we fucking bro'd it down hard last weekend."

"I hope I never see you fuckers again. That bro down was too fucking long."

"Every time we bro it down like that the Pulhams pull their dicks out and get us in a fight."

"If I don't stop bro-ing it down with you fuckers I'll never get laid."
#sausage party #dude fest #dude party #cock block #a sad state of affairs
Por Smittyfat 16 de noviembre de 2007
Verb: to bro down; Noun: a bro down
pronunciation: Brauh Daaaaooooon

An event which occurs when a group (2 or more) of men convene in a suitable place in which the following acts occur:

- consumption of alcohol
- fist pumping
- one or more of the individuals must be bare chested
- watching movies / playing video games
- talking about sports
- verbal abuse of females
- no anal sex
- calling each other a bro

The bro down is designed to create a comfortable environment where attendants are made to feel comfortable, but there must be no anal sex.

PLEASE NOTE: No bitches must be present at the bro down.
bro: "what the fuck... are you a bro??"

guy: "yeah"

bro: "then stop being queer and take your shirt off!"


bro: "BROOOO DOOOWWWWNN" *remove shirt*


bro1: "hey bro, bro down later?"

bro2: "I have to see my girlfriend later"

bro1: "only gays have girlfriends!"

bro2: "true, I'll see you at the bro down"
#bro #dude #hoedown #friends #vagina
Por rapmasterB 27 de noviembre de 2011
An occurrence when two generally heterosexual males engage in casual erotic interactions with one another, usually involving handjobs and blowjobs but not anal sex. This sometimes occurs when female sexual company is not available, or at times as a gesture of straight male comraderie and friendship, or appreciation of phallus not involving any romantic implications. This is especially common among members of fraternities in college settings.
After the football game, a few beers, and some hits from the bong, Danny and Stephen decided that Saturday night would be a great time to watch some porn and then bro down.
#brodown #mostly straight #blowjobs #str8 #hook-up
Por JCage 02 de noviembre de 2011
A primitive form of fratenizing amoungst males, usually bros, often involving but not limmited to the inclusion of beer, liqour, obscenity, and womanizing. Anything homo-erotic is also acceptable.
*Can be used in different tenses, ie: broing-down or bro'd-down.
Guy 1:" Hey bro, what you doing tonight?"
Guy 2: " I don't know bro, there is nothing to do in this town."
Guy 1: "Totally. I'll just come and we can bro-down somehow"
#bro #drinking #womanzing #fraternity #obsecenity
Por Brettman84 04 de noviembre de 2010
An interaction (usually intense) between two "bros", in which a given grievance is first aired, subsequently debated, and ultimately resolved (commonly through the act of "hugging it out," or the mutual consumption of alcohol. Often both.) An inevitable part of any bromance.
"He drank your milkshake!?"
"Yeah, but we had a brodown, so we're cool"
#bro #bros #bromance #throwdown #brodom #alcohol #conflict #fight
Por griklen 21 de febrero de 2013
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