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The word colita means literally, "Little Tail".

In the song, "Hotel California", the Eagles band is referring to, "the warm smell of Colitas rising up though the air". In this sense, the Little Tails, or tips of the marijuana plant, and of course the most potent part.

I hava also heard the term colita reference a person's butt or a woman's private parts.
Smoking the colitas!
Move your Colita.
Por Ron Di jcks 02 de enero de 2007
Small bud on a marijuana plant
warm smell of colitas rising in the air
Por Colita 10 de diciembre de 2003
Your ass.
A muver la colita!
Por Joshiro007 17 de febrero de 2003
A rhesus monkey colony in Arizona.
Sam was eaten by the monkeys at Colita.
Por Joe 03 de mayo de 2004
The Grand Central Station of the people. One who is good at both relaxing and partying. Also, founder of Pepsi-Colie.
Person A: Hey, do you know Colita?
Person B: Who?
Person A: You're not cool.
Person C: Woot!
Por Amandita 13 de noviembre de 2003