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Manchester slag for an automobile.
That fives a bad craft dude.
Por Ryan 20 de noviembre de 2003
5 18
Slang for ugly bitch. Crafts are actually 5 foot three, however, their extremely large foreheads make them appear to be a full six feet tall. Because of this, Crafts are commonly mistaken for aliens when first seen.
"Did you see that man?!? Was that a fuck'n alien? Nah man, it's just Craft."
Por nwotd 14 de diciembre de 2007
4 19
originating from the African word meaning "rough hair", or "wooly naps." Also associated with the color Black. See "Bumbaye."
He's got a gang of Craft on his head.
Por Jamaal 27 de agosto de 2003
1 19
Adj. a tubby bitch.
The craft bitch was sweating in the pits while washing her car.
Por Balls Deep 01 de abril de 2003
8 26