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usually a seductive young female who is the shit. somebody girls hate on but guys hit on. makes dirty jokes, can hang with the guys, but can still look hott and be girly. the perfect mixture. amazing in every aspect of sex or anything really.
jeff: dude, that girl calie you brought tonight was so cool! I'm glad you found a girl that's hot but is so down to earthand real!

Joe: i know! she's one in a million.
#cute #funny #sexy #amazing #hot sex #nice boobs #intelligent
Por transactionpowerlock 11 de abril de 2009
sweet. cute. intelligent. down to earth. laid back. chill. hot. different. weird, in a good way. complex. best person ever!
nicolette: omg i can't believe he's having sex with calie.

random stranger walking by: calie? haha dude give that man a high five for me. i'd do her any day!
#hottie #smart #funny #unbelievable #boobies
Por registerjandue 11 de abril de 2009
A creative idividual who speaks her mind and isn't afraid to be blunt. Usually attractive. Down to earth and way cool.
Smart, witty, Misunderstood. Doesn't always make the right decisions but has a good heart. Somebody who's going to be somebody. The person you look back on and think "damn".
Jeff: so what'd you think about my friend calie?

Rob: she's the coolest girl i've ever met.

#cool #laid back #creative #attractive #open minded #different #cute #smart #funny
Por roscogiget. 11 de abril de 2009
During the dust bowl in the 1930’s, folks that moved from Oklahoma to California to escape poverty were called Okies. During the Bush Bowl of 2009 those that are leaving California to come to the plains states to escape poverty are called Calies.
Calies suffer from high forclosure rates, expensive gasoline, high cost of living, and high unemployment which forces Calies to move from CA to places where prices are much lower.
#callie #poor #homeless #cally #broke #busted
Por acyco 28 de abril de 2009
A "Calie" is a female that whines whenever they want something from you.

Often a "Calie" also acts like a "dumb blond" in that many of the things she will ask you to do, she could just as easily do herself.

In a whining voice, someone that would rather ask you to do something rather than use their own brain to figure it out.
Fran: Ahhhhh Mick, My finger hurts. Can you shake some salt on my fries? Oh, please, please.... Seeeee, my finger... oooh. Seeee. It hurts.

Mick: Oh stop being a "Calie". Use your other hand!
#whinger #blond #whinging #whinging pom #crybaby #growner #complainer #paris hilton #boo hoo #dumbass #rich bitch
Por Chiliboy 20 de mayo de 2008
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