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1. An abbreviation of Chevrolet, an American car manufacturer owned by General Motors.
"Hank sure has a nice Chevy"
Por Tom 17 de septiembre de 2003
877 543
Like a rock the only way it moves is by rolling it down a hill.
Chevy...like a rock!
Por Shorty 25 de julio de 2004
652 425
car hardly ever vacates yard
drive by a dealership or drive through town.
Por nick 11 de septiembre de 2003
675 484
Honda killer.
Wow, my '94 Chevy Cavalier four-cyl. that I bought for $1500 just smoked that overpriced, over-rated '99 Civic with the oversized wing on the back!
Por 5th Column 12 de mayo de 2003
909 717
like a rock
A fucking Chevy just sits there, like a rock.
Por Clem Blarstenfarge 29 de abril de 2003
413 247
a fucking worthless pile usualy body style can be compared to used maytag boxes and handles like a dumpster on wheels
Por Anonymous 16 de agosto de 2003
479 321
Chevy (Noun) A Brand of cars/trucks that that breaks down often and is very unreliable, But some people decide to continue to push them around town. If you have a Chevy you might want to make sure that you have a friend with a Ford so that he/she can tow you home so that you don't have to push it.

Cracked Heads Every Valve Rattles On Long Extended Trips
Matt's Chevy is broken down on the side of the road or, my mom owns a 01' Chevy suburban its got a coolant leak, a idle problem that causes it to die, and the heater doesn't work.
Por Brandon 460 09 de marzo de 2007
356 202