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Buzzed, Stoned, Baked, High on pot
Dude I got chipped before school yesterday.
Por bermudadude123 01 de junio de 2010
46 39
(An automobile) equipped with a performance-enhancing electronic wordchipword.
Nice car; is it chipped yet?
Por The Finer Definer 02 de junio de 2003
26 19
To have a computer chip embedded in your brain, directing your thoughts; under government control.
I've been chipped and now I can't think for myself.
Por dgldjljf 23 de septiembre de 2011
6 5
To never win at anything and to lose by a rediculous margin.
"Man you killed me in Fifa, Forty-five to nothing....I GOT CHIPPED!!!"
Por Commissioner K 10 de agosto de 2009
10 18
beat vagina, comes complete with flappy lips.
get that chipped ham out of my face!
Por The Real Rick 14 de marzo de 2007
11 23