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Verb: related to Godwin's law and Godwinism's. To 'Chuck Johnson's' is to label a person, group or philosophy with the reductio ad Hitlerum tag as means to close down debate.

Chuck: transitive verb, meaning to a: toss , throw, Noun: Short for Charles

Johnson: refers to the owner of the news aggregating, formally conservative, anti jihad site and now anti-creationism pro Darwin website Little Green Footballs. Which has become synonymous with personality cults, blogtatorship and calling previous colleagues and acquaintances of long and respected standing fascists, Nazis, Racists or ID'er (derogatory term for a belief in creationism. For simply having web links or opinions on their own personal web pages which he/CJ disapproves of.

To 'Chuck a Johnson' can also be used to describe over use of the delete/banning function on web forums to those who hold contrary opinions.

Charles Johnson biggest censorship ass hat 2008.

1) Person A, calls person B a fascist on the basis of flimsy evidence or hearsay derived from an individual with known antagonistic political view points or malicious agenda.

Person B replies 'don't Chuck Johnson's at me'
Or points out to fellow bloggers/posters that 'A is chucking johnston's' and in effect has evoked Godwins law, thus destroying the thread and any chance at meaningful debate.

2)Blog owner deletes and bans regular posters/contributers for disagreeing with his pet hates or hypocritical changes in ideological position.

Person A: 'look he is chucking johnson's everywhere'
Person B: 'I know, I don't recognize the place now so many people have been banned. And the threads are so full of deletions it's impossible to follow the argument, he/she sure threw a lot of (Chuck) Johnson's'
#godwin #lgf #charles johnson #nazi #fascist #id'er #hitler
Por Stinky-Winky 24 de febrero de 2009
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