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See also: prick, dick, twat, arse monkey, cock meister, cock gobbler.

An idiot of immense proportion, usually amazingly arrogant and annoying.

Also used affectionately.
Insult: (Spills your pint while dancing like a epileptic making toast in the bath) "You fookin' cock monkey!"

Affec: (You best mate shows you a polaroid of him teabagging you) "Aahhh, yah cock monkey!"
Por Gregatron 23 de septiembre de 2003
87 18
One who swings from cock to cock like a monkey swings from branch to branch.
Jason sprayed me again with an upside-down can of compressed air...what a cock monkey.;
Por teh pwn jAs0n 27 de julio de 2005
71 20
As a professional porn "star", I felt the need to add to this:

"Cock monkey" is a variant for male porn star/ legal professional male whore. It addresses the mechanical aspects of prolonged sex for commercial entertainment purposes, in multiple positions and in camera friendly ways which are different than sex in a private setting.

A guy fucking for a living on camera is a cock monkey or porn star, or both, depending on how you look at it.

If, as a porn star, some other dude director is telling you when to get your dick up and when and where to shoot your wad then that makes you a cock monkey. If the director is telling you to raise your ass higher so he can see you fucking the chick doggie style from underneath, that makes you a cock monkey.

You may also consider yourself a porn star at the same time. Being a porn star requires charisma, fame, talent and ego.

Being a cock monkey requires having a dick and being able to perform the most basic duties on command like getting an erection and ejaculating within a small window of time.

No P.h.d. required.
"There sure were a lot of cock monkeys in that gang bang. I could barely see the chick at all with all the dudes surrounding her"

That guy's not a porn star, he's just a cock monkey. He does low paying porn jobs like bukkakes and load dumps after the girl fucks some other guy.
Por JeremySteele07 10 de febrero de 2009
57 13
Vulgarity used as a synonym for the following: asshole, jerk, loser, bastard. Usually not used with serious intent, I.E jokingly calling a friend a cockmonkey.
Dan kills Jim in Bushido Blade 2 to which Jim yells in a comedic fashion: "Goddamn you, you stupid cockmonkey!"
Por Merchant 05 de agosto de 2005
63 21
a person that swings from cock to cock, preferably a male figure of some type.
Victurnal: "Hey you fruity nipple asscrack! what chu doin after the club?"
Gay Guy: "Dude vic, i blow dudes and am a cockmonkey."
Por D bizzle and M shizzle 05 de diciembre de 2003
60 24
1. (insult) Somebody who would rather take a meat injection up the shitter than stand up for himself or others.

2. (insult) Somebody who loves taking cock up the back passage more than anything else on earth.

3. (insult) Generally a bit of a tit.
"Hey there goes that fucking 'cock-monkey' Johnny, Let's douse him in oil and set fire to him!

"I hate Harold, he's such a cock-monkey."
Por soulspinner 14 de julio de 2006
49 29
Stupid drivers who cut you off, fail to use a turn signal, go 20 miles under the speed limit, and/or go 20 miles over the speed limit. Then they give you dirty looks and/or yell at you like it was your fault they were born a natural moron.
These Texas drivers are a bunch of cock monkeys.
That cock monkey cut me off at Division St. then flipped me off.
Por wulfy 19 de mayo de 2007
21 10