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To go well with; to complete.
That lamp complements your desk perfectly.
Por Diggity Monkeez 03 de marzo de 2005
21 5
In Math, the complement is, simply put, that which is outside of the defined region. However, this is often used as an insult in geek circles.

Geek 1:Your momma's so fat, that she's the complement of your house.

Geek 2: Yeah, well at least my penis isn't always the complement of a vagina.

Geek 1: *shoots self, thus becoming the complement of existing*
Por Evariste Galois 20 de abril de 2009
9 4
Complementary compliments
So amazing how your complements go with the dinner service, dahling.
Por Hercolena Oliver 20 de abril de 2009
1 6
something you give to someone you like
something you add to food to improve its taste
She accepted the complement with good grace
Por Philip Nash 26 de noviembre de 2006
2 28