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1. A white man with a shiny bald head.
2. A slaphead.
3. My former boss at Velindre.
Kev: Oi! CueBall! I’ve given up drinking booze and lost 50 lbs, now gis a better job.
Boss: Are you mental? I meant stop drinking that poncey bottled water and give me 50 quid.
Por Huw_Jarce 30 de octubre de 2005
191 27
Bald-headed White man
Ya see that bald-headed white dude?

Ya, i saw that cueball
Por Antonio 16 de noviembre de 2002
82 17
A white person, deriving from the cue ball on the billiards table, which is white.
Yo, look at dat fuckin cueball!
Por marklar 18 de agosto de 2003
58 25
white bald-headed, usually a neo-nazi
I'm gonna kill that fucking cue ball!
Por m 07 de septiembre de 2004
57 27
1) Plainly, a bald white man.
2) A skinhead (Neo-nazi).
3) An imbecile.
"Check out the chrome dome!"

"Laugh it up, cueball".
Por a_romijn 16 de octubre de 2005
42 23
A bold White man.

The idea being that his shiny bold head looks like the cue ball from a game of pool or snooker.
Hey, check cue ball over their! *Points at bold white man*
Por Kridopher 24 de junio de 2009
31 18
A white skin head, who has a shiny head !
Terry is such a cueball, look at the shine on that thing !
Por Jaws x 11 de mayo de 2011
10 1