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Down To Fuck
That girl is such a nymph, she doesn't need alcohol to be DTF.
Por tippmann 31 de mayo de 2010
145 109
Acronym for "down to fuck."
All the hoes in this party are D.T.F.
Por E.S.M. 07 de enero de 2008
68 37
Down to Fuck
Pat: Yo I'm kinda horny you think that girl is D.T.F?
Zak: Yeah, my girl says she's loose and is D.T.F anytime.
Por Gbaby954 10 de julio de 2008
56 28
Down to f***?, a booty call.
On the phone:
Girl: "dtf?"
Boy: "Sure, come over."
Por downassb 19 de junio de 2008
36 14
down to fuck

trying to hook up, and/or have sex.
drunk stephen: yo boo, d.t.f.?
random girl: d.t.f.?
drunk stephen: yeah boo, you down to fuck?
Por stephen wainwright 12 de marzo de 2008
16 2
Down to fuck
Madeleine Chesney has been dtf since she was 11.
Por kaylaatcher 09 de diciembre de 2009
87 77
1. Down to fuck.
2. Dedicated to fans.
2. Harry Styles is dedicated to fans...
1. That's great but when ever I see him, I'll be dtf.
Por harrystylesfuckmenow 13 de septiembre de 2012
67 59