Used in reference of something being extroadinarily fine!
Hey bitch, this joint is dabomb!
Por ksbunker 14 de enero de 2004
The most effective play in the N64 video game NFL Blitz 2000. It has been proven that a game in arcade mode can be won if Da Bomb is run every single play on offense, including 2-point conversions. This strategy is also known as Perna's Law. There is also a strategy known as Roy's Law in which Da Bomb can be run successfully for a touchdown, without a television!
Person 1: "yo man, its 4th and 58 on my 4 yard line, what should I run?"

person 2: "Run Da Bomb Yo!"
#nfl blitz #da bomb #n64 #football #football plays
Por Blitzbro 16 de septiembre de 2008
very good
that food was da bomb
#good #ill #mad #great #awsum
Por messy55 29 de abril de 2009
Amazingly Good, draws no comparison.
That Scott guy is 'da bomb'
Por some gun chick 06 de abril de 2003
Almost like saying something is "The Bomb", but combined in one word, emphisizing the greatness of something or someone.
Yeah Man! They were Dabomb!
#bomb #explosion #bes #t amazing #sick
Por Hogwartz5r3 06 de julio de 2010
Undoubtedly the best play in NFL Blitz 2000. It has been proven that a game in arcade mode can be won if Da Bomb is run every single play, including two point conversions.

The secret to running Da Bomb effectively is to roll out to the left with your quarterback (using the turbo button is encouraged) and throwing it to your middle reciever when he gets behind the defense (don't worry, he will).
Person 1: "It's 4th and 58 on my 4 yard line! what play should i run?"

Person 2: "Run Da Bomb yo!"
#nfl blitz #da bomb #n64 #football #football plays
Por Blitzbro 25 de septiembre de 2008
A line of hot sauce that is extremely intense (Some examples include "Beyond Insanity" and "Ground Zero"). Not to be taken lightly, only for fiery food enthusiasts.
A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Da Bomb hot sauce. I can eat Serrano Chilies like candy and this sauce still managed to make me dive for the milk.
#spicy #capsaicin #hot #pain #intense #hot sauce
Por Viff 28 de marzo de 2008
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