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To be easy.
That test was pretty darb. Almost as darb as Ian Smith!
Por Awesomesauce94 24 de enero de 2011
Cigarettes: usage from early 20th century.
He likes his nails, but I prefer my darling darbs.
Por Robert Lee 24 de agosto de 2004
1920's slang word, meaning excellent.
person 1: that movie was so darb!
person 2: i know, it was so excellent!
Por mitchy 14 de abril de 2005
slang term for a cigarette. Preferred vernacular of bogan types.
"tick us a darb yah c*nt"
Por out of darbs 02 de marzo de 2008
1920s slang for something or someone regarded as excellent or remarkable.
I'm gonna level with you: thanks for getting me that swell job down at that speakeasy. You're the darb!
Por 1920s Electro-Mod 23 de febrero de 2011
1920's, A person with ready money, who can always be relied upon to pay the check.

Don't worry about the check, Myrtle, Al is darbs.
Por Bob Proczko 16 de octubre de 2006
A polite word to replace the word fuck in sentances
Why don't you just darb off!
Por kwbs1984 10 de septiembre de 2011