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The way in which douches deduce info and come to decisions. For example they must dedouche whether or not to spike a girls drink, join a fraternity, spike their hair, or wear a extra small shirt as an adult male.
He has the dumb look on his face because he can't dedouche which Nickelback cd to buy.
#bro #douche #douchebag #fraternity #broham #brosef
Por CODIKITTENS 27 de mayo de 2010
To logically conclude someone is a douche.
Mary: Have you met Brad?
Kim: Yep, total tool.
Mary: Agreed. Glad we dedouched that.
#douche #douche bag #douche baggery #douchey #douchetastic
Por Jjiggawhat 23 de mayo de 2014
To "de-douche" is to become less of a douche.
"Steve is such a douche"

"yeah, we should try to help him de-douche"
#douche #dedouche #douchebag #douchetwat #douchiness
Por Itrees 29 de agosto de 2009
Someone of french origin who is, without any hint of a doubt, a douche.
"Look at that frenchy fag. What a douch."

"Yeah, man, He's Dedouche."
#fuck #french #doche #dedouche #frenchy
Por Dr. A.E.FuckHer. 19 de julio de 2009
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