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Racecar Driver from Wisconsion
Dick Trickle has over 600 wins!
Por Joe C 16 de junio de 2004
78 10
A NASCAR driver with a very, very funny name.
What kind of parents would name their son Dick Trickle??? ROFL!!!
Por black evil 28 de abril de 2008
62 13
A guy with a funny name
Who's mom would name thier kid Dick Trickle?
Por joe c 24 de agosto de 2004
76 37
What you get if you don't shake well enough after pissing. Most common in public places and/or in a rush. Visible mainly in sweat pants and thin light colored pants/shorts, khaki.
x: *zips* "Dammit!" *walks out*
Y:"You piss yourself?"
X:"Nah man, just dick trickle."
Por lamb72 21 de diciembre de 2010
42 9
Pre-cum and or a secretion from the tip of the penis due to a STD.
Man i got the dicktrickles today after banging that prostitute.
Por Steve Yonker 30 de enero de 2005
8 1
The urine that drips on your underwear after a man pees when he does not properly shake it out
Is that dick trickle, because you got a wet spot on your pants man.
Por DrewPMc 30 de enero de 2011
12 6
A nasty STD that causes the penis to drip a pus-like fluid.
Juan regretted his night of fun with a prostitute after he wound up with a severe case of the dick trickles two days later.
Por Dirtysteamer 09 de marzo de 2007
7 2