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1. Abbriviation for the rapper, Eminem

2. Abbriviation for the name, Emily

3. Abbriviation for 'them'.
1. "Yo, dawg, Em's da shizznit."

2. "My friend, Em, is a total ho."

3. "I'll kill 'em! I'll fuckin' kill 'em!"
Por Raewyn 14 de junio de 2004
short for "them"
have u tlkd 2 em lately??
Por squidward 23 de noviembre de 2003
Short for "them".
I'ma kill 'em.
Por Fangsta 17 de marzo de 2003
Short for the name Emily.
Em what you doing tonight?
Por Mike 09 de diciembre de 2003
pron. Contraction of them.
1. Those people or things (plural).
2. That person (singular). Usage as a singular pronoun is similar to the use of the word they as a singular pronoun; used as a reference to a person where sex (male or female) is unspecified or has not been determined. Used in this way because english doesn't have a singular form nonsexual pronoun.
That person sucked, so I took 'em out of the game.
Por fcsuper 05 de mayo de 2006
A short or slang way of saying "them"
Person 1: Do you like potatoes?
Person 2: Oh yeah! I love 'em!
I can't get enough of 'em.
I love 'em.
I hate 'em.
Por I_Love_Me 22 de noviembre de 2004
the coolest bestest person in the world, my best friend, w/o her i'd be dead, hahaha control 5
I love em!!!!!
Por Laura 03 de febrero de 2004