Ok this is to every one thinks that emo is all about the cutting and the music and the clothes. Its not! Emo kids are extremlly sensitve and we are not posers! We actuly listen to the lyrics in songs and we don't want to fit into the cheerleader/jock mold. We are ourselveves and that is a good thing. (and you can't say guy on guy ain't just a little hott!) (no offence)
Jock:Hey emo you gonna kill yourself now, huh?
Emo kid:No im not, why would you think that?
Cheerlaeder(holding on to jocks arm and giggling like th air head she really is) Well isn't that what you do?
Emo kid:OK then. If you think that then you really are an airhead poser! God, don't be stereotypical.\
Cheerleader to Jock: ummmmmm... what does ster-eo-ty-pi-cal mean??
Jock: i dunno but let's get out of here and have sex in the back of my corvette.
Cheerleader:OK "giggle"
Por kick ass emo 27 de abril de 2006
an Emo kid is someone who listens to Emo, Screamo.
By really understanding this Music, even before reading the genre (on the net), well that wuold make him emotional.
what im trying to say is that by understanding Emo or Screamo Music makes you an emotional person.
by saying Emotional I mean someone who is in touch with his feelings, not that he is only depressed!!!(he could or not be).
if someone is emotional and doesnt listen to emo that means he is not emo but is an emotional person..
emo doesnt stand for emotional music (almost all music is emotional) but it stands for EMOTIONAL (hardocore) PUNK ROCK
(NOT ALL EMO SONGS ARE DEPRESSING, but emotionally happy,sad,Angry,etc...) by saying this i dont want to say tht punk rock isnt emotional but EMO is based on shouting out loud emotions...
(about the scene, well choose i think its cool so il semi go for it, u dont like it, well look at veda skyes,chasing victory,etc... VERY NORMAL PEOPLE)
about kissing guys, well NOT EVERYONE DOES IT, if they do so well they have their reasons (emo is not about kissing guys)
make-up:well thts always the trend part (like it or not u choose if put it on or not)
i wont say anything about the posers 'cause those are everywhere.
EMOS do NOT care of showing their emotions to everyone.
plz dont identify EMOS for fags, or weirdos... if u do well its ur life...
emo kid= normal kid in touch with his emotions, and appriciates EMO music: and by tht expresses his emotions with it and in tht way (there are different ways of expressing ur emotions)
emo poser= might like emo music justo for the screaming
Por Johnny.D 19 de marzo de 2007
this is my definition.

we are the people who cannot be defined by the "normal" society around us.
that is that.
emo isnt about tight pants, black hair, band shirts.
its about how we feel towards life and music in general.
(but if you do write. thats grand. keep it up.)
to be "emo": know that the world is truly beautiful and worth trying to find that truth.
its all in the mind.
not the body.
that emo kid isnt emo because he/she doesnt wear tight pants
Por down is the new up 02 de octubre de 2006
2 emo chicks, that love eachother very much *hints* like sisters, would litterally die for eachother, know everything about the other.Know what they are thinking AT ALL TIMES. and love to watch hot emo guys make out!.
emokids love their hair, usually has to cover most the the face, chicks love bows or other little cute things in their hair.
Por brookieboo 01 de junio de 2006
I'm sick of seeing this.
Emo = Emotional.
It's a lie.
Emo is short for Emotive Hardcore, a music genre in the 80's. Then MTV messed up the definition, called lots of bands 'emo' and made a whole image for them. They brought yet another label that wasn't needed into this world. Now all that comes out of 'Emo' is bullying and being rejected because you're not cool enough.
News flash.
'Emo' doesn't make you a different person.
So stop acting like it does.
This is a dumb label and is only out there to make people feel lonely and rejected.

Por Heart.RAWR. 12 de noviembre de 2007
someone who doesnt exactly fit in. they probably dont even try. we dont all slit our wrists, and can be great people if you get to know an emo person. it could be called a way of lif or just whatever you define it as. they most likely want more alone time than others. Emo has a distinct style that others may call kinda gay, but they obviously know nothing about being emo. We listen to watever kinda music we want wether its cool or not. A true emo will where whatever they want wether its tight jeans or a pink and black striped scarf, it doesnt matter, a poser emo will try to where tight jeans and black and talk about how they LOVE to cut themselves. This is all that comes to mind so, yeah.
Emo Kid listening to his favorite music:_the lyrics of that song are deep and move me to an emotional level i have never felt before
Por didnt bother 16 de junio de 2007
An excuse for young adolescent boys (typically 13-19) to act like bitches.....
Kid A: "Hey, Kane has been a bit of an emo kid lateli huh?"

Kid B: "Nah, his girlfriend broke up with him. It's just an excuse for him to act like a little bitch...."
Por Sierra Myst 20 de enero de 2010

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