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A common misconception, not a typographical error. (C'mon people, you should have learnt this in primary school).

1. The word "Everyone" refers to everybody; such as when talking about a group of people.

2. The phrase "Every one" refers to each individual item or thing within a group.
1. "Everyone over there suck at playing soccer."

2. "Every one of those balls are red in colour."
#every one #everyone #everybody #every body #every
Por code7 17 de marzo de 2006
See: Idiot
Everyone is an idiot.
#everyone #is #idiotic #oh #god #help
Por banana bread 01 de abril de 2013
everybody except Bryan M.

he never counts b.c he doesn't go to maine!
the definition of everyone to be everyone but me
#bryan #everyone but me #not bryan #everybody #exclusion of bryan
Por hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 05 de agosto de 2007
Common typo of 'every one'
Every one forgets to put a space in everyone
#everyone #every #one #everybody #person
Por PhoenixJ 23 de octubre de 2005
a person who thinks Nakey is totally gross
Everyone hates Nakey
Por Anonymous 14 de marzo de 2003
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