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Another word for 'TO'
Seh mi and Gurpz Resi link up kum fi create a plan

Lizten fi da man
Por Gurpz Resi 04 de mayo de 2004
470 121
fiancé, the man who a woman is engaged to be married to
my FI has huge fingers. The jeweler measured him at a 15.5 but said to order a 16 if we wanted a thicker band. My FI is 6'4" and a big guy so it makes sense.
Por musterionanonim 21 de febrero de 2013
19 9
Factual Information.

Confirming a statement.
Going for a dump this morning Gaffer?

Por Tommytux 15 de diciembre de 2006
13 7
A common abbreviation for fish
"Look in that pond, there are two fi.s (Pronounced F-I-Dots) They are orange!"
Por Jenny Any Dots 14 de abril de 2006
13 7
Fuck It!!!
I was trying to do something good, but I just said F.I.
Por WOrkthatclit 19 de julio de 2009
6 1
the common abbreviation for fish
i have caught me a tasty fi.
Por thursday 16 de abril de 2006
8 4
F.I. means freshman immaturity , as freshmen in highschool have yet to overcome that mental barrier that makes them giggle at the mention of the word penis
YO look at that Lenny kid, he's full of F.I.
Por Paullly Vizzle 24 de enero de 2011
6 8