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Fucking Awesome Fridays
John - So are you going to be hitting up that FAF at what'sherfaces house?

Bill - Yee buddy
Por AraBeast 15 de julio de 2011
Fat as fuck
You look as FAF as ever!!
Por Faffy Mc. Faf faf 29 de junio de 2011
Fresh as Fuck. Someone with amazing style or fresh threads. All the ladies will jock them and they will get major action.
(hot wahini) "Oh my god you look so FAF! Please have sex with me"
Por squid7777 29 de mayo de 2011
fake as fuck.
when a girl texts a guy she's never going to get over, and talks shit about the people she call's her friends.

dude amanda's faf!
Por fhehfrhkdhg 25 de octubre de 2010
stands for Fake Ass Fall. The act of falling on purpose in order to make people laugh or feel sorry for you. If your fat it adds some extra laughs.
My fat friend noticed a janitor putting the slippery when wet sign in the aisle at walmart so he did a FAF and broke the sign. He ran away like he was emberassed to.
Por MPH51 02 de marzo de 2010
can either mean fit as fuck
or fat as fuck

or fat ass fucker, works brilliantly ever way
person1: hey that lauren's faf int she
person2: she isn't fit u retard
person1: i didnt say dat, i sed shes faf, fat as fuck
person2: oh - u cud av sed she was a fat ass fucker aswell
person1: haha lol
Por DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) 16 de julio de 2009
Fit as fuck.
Check that bird out she's FAF!
Por Martin Hire 16 de mayo de 2009