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A cunning animal with a orange fur coat who's up to no good.
Por Fox 07 de diciembre de 2004
40 19
Anyone or thing that is extremely attractive or cool.
"He was so hot... what a fox!"
Por Jamie 21 de junio de 2004
38 20
A television network run by retards who dont know whats funny. They cancelled Futurama, Family Guy and above all else, Arrested Development which was such a good show but to keep the bonehead executives happy they destroyed them.

...and they canceled The O.C.

They are also money hungry pigs and destroy good movies and instead of decent dialogue they put big explosions in to please the retards of today.
No example - The Fox Network is a piece of shit.
Por ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT RULES 17 de enero de 2010
16 5
70's term for an attractive lady. Was usually used by teens. Still used today, but rarely.
Damn, That girl is a FOX!!
Por go20orange 15 de marzo de 2006
22 12
a tasty looking female
some of the ladies in our building are foxes, there arent many but there are a couple, no names mentioned ;)
Por robert 20 de enero de 2004
16 6
Any of various carnivorous mammals of the genus Vulpes and related genera, related to the dogs and wolves and characteristically having upright ears, a pointed snout, and a long bushy tail.
Look, a fox.
Por Trent 22 de agosto de 2003
14 4
Once fine piece of ass.
Damn, man! She is a fox!
Por M.R. 13 de julio de 2003
21 11