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A starkingdoms alliance, a pack of wolves
Fenris pwned TheChaotic and TRWfed.
Por daKIDDY 01 de abril de 2005
snot bubble
i sneezed and a large fenris appeared on my nostril
Por dave namegah 29 de agosto de 2009
A word used to describe a fool. Or someone who suicides or makes an attack that leads to the total rape of his planet. Or someone who creates a pathetic 1 sector alliance.

Especially in the game StarKingdoms.
"Wow, that was a real Fenris attack you made there" or "Dude, your little Fenris alliance has a whoping ONE sector in it!!"
Por dA jOsh 06 de noviembre de 2009
Large gathering of tools, especially in Star Kingdoms.
yay, i'm #12345519 in Hall of Fame!
Por Cal 21 de mayo de 2004